Artie Egendorf


As a boy, Arthur Egendorf loved doing his projects in the basement of his house.  Arthur started assembling model cars, went onto wood working once his parents gave him a small jigsaw (age 8), and later it was erector and chemistry sets.   By 11 ham radio was Artie’s thing, and at 14 learning to play guitar and sing.

As an adult, Arthur Egendorf has done something similar, now with an office he can go to on his own, to read, write, and meet face to face with people who come for a hand with life.

These meetings have become Artie’s main teacher.  By now Arthur has clocked about 40 thousand hours listening and responding.  And looking through that lens Artie sees that reading and writing have become ways to meet with people he may never see in the flesh.  It’s not the same as face to face.  And yet . . . well, only poetry could do justice to the magic of meeting across time and space, how it seems to be nothing at all and yet can matter just as much for all time as what we usually think is the real thing.

So now Arthur Egendorf knows, through the years and decades of having solo-seeming projects, he’s never been really alone.   The people who made those cars to put together, erector and chemistry sets, the parts for radios and ham radio users were Arthur’s unseen communities. And later, people who came through the books they wrote, and the teachers, therapists, trainers, meditation and energy masters and fellow students have always been with Arthur in spirit.

Even the work that has Arthur’s name on it, isn’t really his.  Not Arthur Egendorf’s alone, at least. One voice is certainly distinct, and also reverberates with its time, tone and accents, all of which are indelibly and widely shared.

So now that a mature work has come, Arthur Egendorf has realized that so many are with him in it that he cannot begin to nod to them all with only a button on a website. They deserve their own place.  So this site is a thank you, and also only a hint at how much has come through from others over these decades.

Arthur Egendorf will do his best to make it easy for you to browse, see headlines, and dip in in more detail, wherever you find words that speak to you. Now that you’ve come, look around and let Arthur Egendorf introduce you to his friends. Maybe you’ll want to include some among yours.