Meditation on Wall Street

140307075614-business-meditation-620xaWorking on Wall Street involves a lot of stress. A job in the financial world involves long hours and high stakes deals. To help improve the health of employees many firms are using Transcendental Meditation techniques. This type of meditation takes you to a quiet place in your mind using by speaking a silent mantra. It is helpful for Wall Street workers because it can help you think in a clear and focused way, while reducing anxiety.

The David Lynch Foundation has had many calls for their $1,000 intensive course on Transcendental Meditation techniques. Many Wall Street Firms offer the course to their employees so that they will be better equipped to handle stress. This movement has taken off and gained a lot of momentum over the past few years. The executive director of the David Lynch Foundation and a Transcendental Meditation teacher, Bob Roth, said, “Two years ago, there were only one or two firms interested in the corporate program, now there are 30 or 40 companies and more expressing interest all the time.”

Firms that manage hedge funds and capital firms have shown the most interest. Some firms like Third Point’s Dan Loeb have even come out publicly with the fact that they are utilizing the program to help their employees with meditation practices. Transcendental Meditation techniques help employees with situations around them. It helps keep those on Wall Street more level headed when the market has bumps, instead of reacting rashly or operating with a crowd mentality.