How To Stop Violence in Iraq

130314222818-71-iraq-war-horizontal-galleryThe sectarian violence in Iraq is difficult for Westerners to understand. It is a deep-seated ideological and religious difference that keeps these two groups of people at odds with one another. Although it is difficult to understand there is a method that has been tried and tested before that has eased the tension of these groups and should be implemented again. Obama recently pledged, in reference to the sectarian violence in Iraq, “I don’t rule out anything…my national security team is looking at all the options.” One option to consider that has been tried before is Invincible Defense Technology (IDT). This technology has been proven effective and is a way to efficiently end the fighting in Iraq. The problem is, the president must get the Iraqi army on board with IDT. The approach reduces stress and violence in a way that has been proven by over 20 studies and tested by foreign militaries. After 25 years of research conducted in countries in places like the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America, all signs seem to point to the effectiveness of this approach. IDT works by calming the insurgent groups source of power, i.e. stress, civil unrest, frustration, etc. In this way, IDT get rid of the “fire” that causes people to behave in ways that make them want to take up arms and fight. They are preemptively affected so that they do not have the rage to fight in the first place. The reason these uprising happen is due to decades of injustice like poverty, hunger, or other civil unrest or unhappiness with no mobility or hope. IDT reduces stress so that people can think about their problems more thoughtfully and rationally and less emotionally. To administer this kind of intervention they would use a special part of the military known as the Prevention Wing of the Military to use IDT to reduce the stress of an entire population so that they can find other ways to deal with their problems. This is particularly important to deal with issues that may eventually become violent, as in the case of Syria and Iraq. Since IDT has been proven to work, it may be time to start planning for implementation.