The Positive Affects of Energy Medicine

05122014_ReasonsEnergyMedicine-300x200There are many alternative medicines, or non-western medicines available. If you feel that you want to heal yourself without the aid of a hospital stay or pills and surgery there are other options available. Energy healers or spiritual teachers have been helping many with issues of mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual pain and suffering. Seeking help from an energy healer can leave you feeling healthier than you were before and restored to a more normal state of being. The best part about this type of healing practice is that you can eventually learn to heal yourself.

Energy medicine used to be a taboo practice but it has been increasingly becoming mainstream. Seeking help from an energy healer is how many practice the medicine. The idea behind the practice is that there is energy that exists all around each and every one of us on multiple fields. Each person has their own energy field that responds to what is going on in our bodies and so if you change your energy field is can have a change with what happens in your body. The energy field around you is tested through chakras, or the focal points of energy in your body that are connected to the field of energy. A healer looks for distortions or irregularities in your chakras and can increase your energy flow and get rid of negative energy to heal you. Clearing your chakras can be done through meditation, journaling, and finding ways to stay grounded in nature. Energy medicine can heal your entire being and it also can be used as preventative medicine to prevent certain physical symptoms from developing. There are also zero negative side effects from pursuing this kind of energy healing treatment. Often times the practice of energy medicine will interact with your spiritual and emotional self and there may be a release of tears or anger or frustration, but every result of the practice of energy medicine is positive. It heals from within and can encourage joy, relief, a light spirit, a sense of freedom, and physical and emotional rebirth.