Transcendental Meditation Helps with PTSD

Untitled-3Transcendental Meditation has great benefits for people in high powered, high stress positions, but it has also been found to help those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). After Michael Ortiz retired from a long career as a State Trooper and an undercover DEA agent he wasn’t the same. He was experiencing paranoia, extreme flashbacks, was hypersensitive to stress, and had trouble sleeping. He was a classic case of PTSD. His highly stressful job left him in a sorry state after he retired. Ortiz case is not unique. Over 836,000 male and female police officers in the United States are negatively affected by the traumatic experiences of their work environments.

However, there may be a solution to help police officers in this country deal with their stress and their disorder. Transcendental Meditation TM programs are beginning to be implemented specifically for police officers to help them overcome their stress-related health problems. TM can help relieve the symptoms of PTSD, Ortiz and his wife Deborah attest to the effectiveness of the meditation program. Over six million people of all ages, religion, and nationalities have learned Transcendental Meditation techniques over the past 50 years and many have reported experiencing less stress and increased clarity of mind. It allows those affected by stress and some more extreme PTSD to have a break in their symptoms and to come to a permanent solution.